Customer Service
Customer Service


Rewarding Customer
Service Excellence

Our services are delivered on a pay-for-performance compensation model. Experts are only compensated when a customer issue is handled without requiring an agent.

Experts are also rewarded for writing automated content, voting on answer quality, and giving feedback to peers, ensuring that your customers consistently receive the highest level of service.

Dynamic Compensation

We work with your team to understand how much it currently costs to handle support inquiries varying by question type, country, time of day, and any other relevant factors.

Our platform then does the rest, compensating experts depending on the level of effort, type of question, time of day, and language needs.

High Performers Automatically
Given More Work

We ensure high performers are rewarded by automatically routing them more work.

We measure each expert’s reputation with customer and peer ratings, and optimize routing based on ratings, language proficiency, and average response time within the platform.

Incentivizing More Automation

When there are repetitive questions, we ensure that automatic responses are being served whenever possible.

Experts are compensated on an ongoing basis for authoring answers that can be served automatically and can successfully resolve the customer issue.

Experts are further compensated for reviewing previous answers to ensure they are current and up-to-date.

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