Customer Service
Customer Service

Workforce Augmentation

Augment Your

We’ll help you adjust your workforce composition to include a network of on-demand experts.

Boost CSAT, response times, and save millions.
Our network of on-demand experts have product knowledge & deep technical expertise, and are only compensated based on performance.

Identify the Right
Tickets for Experts

We’ll analyze your support conversations and identify all of your questions that do not require account & billing access.

Product & technical experts can resolve up to 40% of your volume — without a conversation being routed to the contact center.

Launch a New
Program in Days

Launch a program in a matter of days. Watch customer satisfaction rates skyrocket, while response times and contact center volume plummet.

Once configured, our system continuously optimizes routing and performance, improving key metrics including CSAT, response time, and resolution rate.

Deliver Significant ROI

Customers typically improve CSAT up to 20 points, increase response times, while dramatically reducing the burden on the contact center.

With experts available around the world, we can scale and deliver significant returns across the globe.

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