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Customer Service


The Directly OnDemand

The engine that delivers scalability a shift to digital automation improved CX ROI .

The Directly OnDemand  platform is a powerful combination of AI, machine learning and predictive technology that delivers remarkable customer experiences.

We seamlessly integrate into your existing contact center technology stack and provide actionable reporting and analytics on performance.

Our Platform is Trusted By​

Delivering Business
Impact Across the Globe

Our platform offers automatic language detection and support for 100+ languages.

We offer localized user interfaces for experts, as well as leverage machine translation to scale responses quickly.

Platform Benefits

Quality Assurance​

Directly’s OnDemand platform offers skills and writing tests through a rigorous application process to ensure the right experts are onboarded, while quality controls are performed programmatically to ensure service levels are consistently met or exceeded.

Performance Based

Our platform is pay-for-performance. Experts are only compensated when they resolve the issue without requiring an agent, and our platform determines the best expert to answer the question based on customer feedback, skillset, language proficiency, and average response time.

Scalable and Flexible

Our platform enables rapid onboarding and offboarding of experts, with the ability to launch a new program in days, create and deploy new automation in hours, and significantly increase volume in minutes.

Network Effects

Network intelligence improves at scale. Experts bring their own knowledge, varied skillsets, flexible schedules, and feedback to the overall system. Thousands of experts deliver powerful network effects that improve performance.


Directly OnDemand integrates with leading CRM platforms and messaging applications, recording support
interactions and engaging agents when needed.


Oracle Service


Service Cloud

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Visit our Developer Page for APIs that can integrate into most modern applications and platforms.

Enterprise Privacy & Security

Directly OnDemand was designed and built on a foundation of privacy and security. All data is protected by a rigorous set of enterprise-level controls, policies, and practices.

Directly’s OnDemand solutions are SOC 2 Type II compliant, GDPR & CCPA compliant, redundant, and set up for enterprise scalability.

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