Trusted experts. Trusted platform. Trusted company.

Powering customer support with Directly means trusting your expert network, trusting our platform to safeguard the privacy and security of your users, and trusting our team to stay several steps ahead of where the industry is going.

Antony Brydon
Co-Founder & VP Platform, Directly

Our roots in trust and privacy run deep

Since 2002, our founding team has designed enterprise systems that safeguard sensitive data, including a patented “System and method for enforcing privacy in social networks” (U.S. Patent 8,554,794), which helps companies safeguard the personal information in CRM systems, ERP systems, and business networks.

As founders, we care about privacy for two reasons:

One, we’re consumers first. We have home and cell phone numbers, credit cards and bank accounts, passwords and web browsing history. We want the services we trust in our day-to-day lives to protect us, and we want to protect the people and companies that trust us.

Two, as founders, we recognize that privacy and security are a competitive advantage that can accelerate a global shift to support automation, and establish Directly as the leading brand and vendor in the next economy.

Together, this orientation drives a team and a platform that seek to lead the market in privacy, security, and compliance. Our team is experienced, and our certifications include SOC2, Type II, and Privacy Shield. But more important than pedigrees and certifications, this orientation drives a culture that designs privacy and security into every facet of our business.


Our early investors include senior executives from Airbnb and Uber, and we’ve leveraged the core principles of these platforms to deliver you our expert intelligence platform.

Skill, language, and grammar tests ensure only your highest-ranked experts participate.

Expert onboarding and education guarantee your experts are best positioned to train virtual agents.

Reputation and skill-based routing promote high performers and demote poor performers, driving high quality results.



Respect for personal privacy is core to Directly. We believe the GDPR sets important new standards for personal privacy protection, and we’re building our platform to meet and surpass this standard.

Our Privacy Policy describes our commitment to protect your personal privacy and to compliance with the GDPR, other privacy laws and fair information principles. You can read more here.

EU and Swiss Privacy Shield describe our privacy certifications on the U.S. Department of Commerce website.

Customizable PII filters allow companies to extend our standard PII filters to their business, including custom information objects and types.



Our platform has achieved SOC 2, Type II certification. To request a hard copy of our SOC 2, Type II Audit, please email us here. To inquire about our bug bounty program, please click here.

SOC 2, Type II Audit certifies our procedures for organizational oversight, vendor management, risk management, and regulatory oversight for security, availability, and confidentiality.

3rd party penetration testing from leading security firms includes black box testing and white box code audits.

Internal and external network vulnerability scans protect hosting and dev ops environments.



Building relationships with companies and experts includes clear contracts written in plain English.

Our Enterprise MSA describes the relationship between us and our corporate customers.

Our Privacy Policy describes our commitment to protect your personal privacy and to compliance with the GDPR, other privacy laws and fair information principles.

Our Terms of Service structures the relationship with experts who work in different networks.

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