Customer Service
Customer Service


Qualified Experts Your Customers Will Love

We specialize in harnessing talent that combines technical expertise and hands-on experience with your products and services.

We source, screen, onboard, and validate applicants to ensure only highly qualified experts communicate with your customers.


We identify and invite cohorts of independent experts who have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver excellent customer service.

Depending on your preference, you can participate in the recruiting process or let us manage it end-to-end.


Our thorough vetting process consists of skills assessment and writing tests, to ensure that experts have the required expertise, communication skills, language requirements, and empathy to provide great support.

We’ll ask for your input to ensure our vetting process is customized to your products and services, and that only high performers are allowed onto the platform.


After experts are approved, they are invited to join the Directly OnDemand platform and complete a series of educational courses.

These courses ensure experts have a proven mastery of how to use the platform, are familiar with customer service best practices, and have agreed to abide by our strict code of conduct.

We continue to monitor performance and availability to ensure we have a high-performing network to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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