WEBINAR: Building the Support Model You Want & Your Customers Need

The recording of this webinar is now available

At the onset of the recent crisis, support organizations were forced to rapidly implement new technology and dispatch a remote workforce. While some brands can be applauded for pivoting quickly, it’s hard to consider the results as ideal given the goal was speed, not stability.

How can we transition existing, scrappy support models into more scalable and dynamic CX models of the future? 

On August 18th, CEO Mike de la Cruz and featured speaker Forrester Principal Analyst, Ian Jacobs, discussed the key components to building the support model you want (and need) for the future, rather than the one you were forced to build during the crisis.

In this recording, they cover:

– Top challenges support organizations are facing as we emerge from the crisis, according to Forrester

– Forrester’s COVID-19 Response Plan for customer service

– How to diversify & improve your support model within 90 days