Customer service isn’t easy work. By the time a customer is reaching out for help, they can often feel impatient, frustrated, or are in a bad mood. 

Directly Experts, like any customer service reps, often bear the brunt of customers’ negative emotions. Yet they understand how integral it is to remain calm and compassionate while walking frustrated customers through troubleshooting issues or explaining a change.

Despite the challenges the support industry brings, many of our Experts report that they love what they do, simply because they enjoy helping people, especially when people need help the most. On top of the gratitude they receive from satisfied customers, there’s additional fulfillment they get out of solving tough problems. Their passion for the products they support, their in-depth knowledge and dedication to helping their fellow users are what makes them experts, and we at Directly want to recognize that passion and dedication.

All of us respect the time, energy and effort Directly Experts put into their work, so it’s no surprise that when I asked Directly employees to send me videos expressing their appreciation of our Expert community, I immediately received dozens of wonderful submissions.

I’m incredibly excited to share this thank-you video with our Experts in celebration of Customer Service Week. It’s just a small token of our appreciation, but we want to let our experts know we recognize them, we care about them, and we celebrate them.

Thank you, Experts!