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Customer Service

New Report: Customer Service Reboot – The Rise of the Gig Economy

Complimentary Report for CX Leaders

Over the past year, the pandemic pushed contact centers past their breaking point as they struggled to effectively manage increasing demand and customer expectations, as well as a colossal shift in their agent workforce. 

As support leaders reevaluate their strategy and begin planning for the post-pandemic world, leveraging non-traditional – or gig economy – labor models will provide the flexibility and scale to ensure support organizations emerge stronger and more resilient.

In this new report, Forrester outlines how a freelance (gig) labor model provides immediate opportunities for improved service results.

Additionally, the report highlights:

  • 3 characteristics that differentiate freelance support experts from contact center agents
  • The financial and operational benefits of an on-demand, freelance network
  • Unique ways to implement an alternative workforce

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