Better customer service begins with a better model

Our gig economy and AI platform helps you transform customer service by systematically tapping highly skilled product experts from your customer and partner ecosystem.

The platform consists of five key features:


Product experts

Our platform is powered by the expertise and knowledge of your top customers and partners. They have used your products for years, and know everything there is to know about them. Tap into the collective wisdom of this highly skilled talent pool to drive incredible results.

  • 70% have college or advanced degrees
  • Authentic users are more credible
  • You vet & onboard only top talent


Gig economy engine

Using AI and skills-based routing, our platform matches customer questions with the best experts equipped to resolve them. Top performers thrive, while bad actors and bad content are immediately filtered out. Compensation is based on performance with earning potential tied closely to reputation.

  • Route to the best (not the next) expert
  • Experts work on their own schedule
  • High CSAT, top performers thrive


Expert-trained AI

Directly enables your experts and our AI to power superior self-service. Experts continuously write and update support content, provide real-time feedback to train AI to be much more accurate, and are compensated for automatically resolving customer questions.

  • Highly accurate AI via 100x signal
  • Experts create & update evergreen content
  • A new way to work in the AI economy


Network effects

Performance significantly improves as customer service operations reach enterprise scale. Our platform is designed to enable larger expert networks to deliver broader and deeper knowledge, more accurate AI, higher resolution rates, and lower cost per ticket.

  • Knowledge & AI gets broader & deeper
  • Absorb 15X surges, maintain service levels
  • Platform improves continuously


Anywhere APIs

Our anywhere APIs have you covered with comprehensive CRM & Helpdesk integrations. Integrations record all customer data and allow agents to handle reroutes and escalations from your CRM.

  • Email, web, chat, messaging & IVR support
  • Easy integration into current reporting & BI
  • In-depth API integration and support