Trying to sign on to my checking account with wellsfargo.

Trying to sign on to my checking account with wellsfargo. Thanks, john c freeman.
john asked this question 3 years ago
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    John have you already set up your online user name and password? If so it is as easy as going to and typing in your user name and password. If you have yet to do that you need to go to and click on "online banking". From there it will ask you for some personal information including your wells fargo PIN number. Follow the easy step by step process and you will be on in no time!!

    Does this answer your question or is there a different difficulty you are experiencing?

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    Hello, John!

    That's fantastic, but it's also not a question. Are you having difficulty logging into Wells Fargo Online? Or is this your first time accessing the site?

    1. If this is your first time, click the "Get Free Access" link to the right of the "Online Banking" link below the center banner picture. You will need to accurately fill in your information (Social Security Number, Account/ATM card number, email address). Continue through the next few pages and fill in your information (desired password, security/challenge questions, etc.) and you'll be all set!

    2. If this isn't your first time accessing the site and you're having trouble, click the "Username / Password Help" link in the "View Your Accounts" login area at the top left of the Wells Fargo Online homepage. Follow the prompts to assist your area of trouble. If you're still having difficulty, call (800) 956-4442 to have a Wells Fargo Representative directly assist you with your issue.

    I hope this answer helps!