I have an Opportunity Checking account.

I have an Opportunity Checking account. I've been using direct deposit for about 6 months or so but recently got a new job where that isn't an option. How long does Wells Fargo usually hold a check for Opportunity Checking customers?
Brad asked this question 3 years ago
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    If the check is written TO YOU, and is an official Payroll check, and you make the deposit with a teller that knows you, you can likely have NO hold time on the check. If you go through a drive-through where they do not know you, you use an ATM for deposit, or you scan through your smartphone, it will be a minimum of overnight, or at least until the funds are cleared through the issuing Bank.
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      Hi Vettster357,

      With an opportunity account you can not deposit at an ATM.
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    Hi Brad,

    Great question! Opportunity accounts are handled just like every other Wells Fargo account when it comes to depositing checks. All accounts are governed by Regulation CC which are rules set for the banks on how long they can hold funds and the reasons why. Key things that banks look for is if the check is drawn in their local Federal District, how long you have been a customer, your handling of the account and if you have funds to cover the check if it were bad, and the amount of the check. You may not have a hold at all if you meet all the above criteria. The best way to find out is to take it to a teller and ask them how long the hold will be when they deposit it. Remember that if there is a hold placed, $100 is available to you immediately and then the next business day another $100 is available (if held).
    Thanks for the question, Brad!

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    The opportunity account has a lot of restrictions. They should have given you some paperwork when you first opened the account to let you know what the exact restrictions are. So, there is no time frame,for hold on a check, it depends on the amount and other things.
    If its an normal then usually bank hold for 3-4 business days.