how much are money orders?

how much are money orders? I need one for $19,250.00. Do i have to get 20 of them in increments of $1,000 each (and 1 for $250) or can I just get 1 money order for the whole amount? I am a Wells Fargo customer who will bring cash.
Linden asked this question 3 years ago
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    Hello, Linden!

    You can just get one money order. Since you are bringing over $10,000 in cash, be prepared to answer some questions regarding the funds when you go into the branch. The teller is required to fill out some paperwork, inclusing a Possible Suspicious Activity Report; don't be alarmed--this is a standard procedure. The cost may vary from state to state, and can even be waived depending on your acoount relationship(s), but it is usually around $8.

    I hope this has helped!
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      Thank you very much! (and nothing suspicious here)
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      No problem at all! FYI, the PSAR is only a due diligence report. However, if you ask about it, that will automatically be considered to be "suspicious."
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    I think the limit is 10,000 on a money order. I would suggest a cashiers check and depending on your account title there may or may not be a fee.