How can I get my mother's bank statements for the last 5 years for a Medicaid application?

How can I get my mother's bank statements for the last 5 years for a Medicaid application?
Joseph asked this question 3 years ago
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    Contact the Bank by calling Wells Fargo Telephone Banking at 1-800-869-3557. After getting through all the automated menu prompts, you will get to a WF employee who can assist with this.

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    Hi Joseph,

    You can call Telpeephone Banking at 18008693557 or you can go into a branch or log in to which will have 7 years of statements.

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    Hi, Joseph!

    I HIGHLY suggest that you attempt to process this transaction via Wells Fargo Online. Telephone Banking or an in-branch banker could process this request, but be aware that it may need to be submitted to the Account Research department, and they could potentially charge you a fee for approximately $20/hr. Wells Fargo's policy on this is stated within the Account Agreement given to your mother when she opened the account. The mindset on this is that Wells Fargo provides one free copy of the account statement per month or quarter, and it is her responsibility to keep/store them. This fee could be waived by the banker processing the request, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention so you didn't get blindsided by this possibility. Again, if it were my situation, I would attempt to get this done via Wells Fargo Online.

    I hope this has helped!
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    Wells Fargo retains statement copies for up to seven years for most checking accounts.1

    The length of online statement storage varies depending on the product: For credit cards, student loans, loans and lines of credit (including home equity and home mortgages) it’s 2 years; and for deposit accounts and private client accounts it’s 7 years. The amount of time which the specific product statements are available online is indicated on your Statements and Documents page.

    To view or obtain copies of your Online Statements, simply sign on to Wells Fargo Online or a Wells Fargo Business Online, then:
    Select the account you want to view from the drop down menu and click Go.
    You will see up to two years of your most recent statements for your account. For some accounts, we offer up to seven years of statements instantly available online.1
    For older statements, select the Year link of the statement you are interested in viewing.
    If you don’t see a list of statements to view, please follow the instructions for “How do I sign up for Online Statements?” listed above.

    If you cannot find the statement you need in Statements & Documents, here’s how you request a copy:
    Select the Request Statement Copies link under Related Services.
    Select the desired account and year from the drop down menus, then click Continue.
    The available statements for the year you requested will be listed. Check the box next to the statement you wish to request and choose a format type (online or U.S. Mail) from the dropdown menu. Fees may apply for statement copies by U.S. Mail. For more information, refer to your Fee and Information Schedule or call us at 1-800-956-4442.
    Click Order to receive online copies of the statements you requested.
    If online statements are not available online for the year you have selected, you will be prompted to enter the month and year for the statements you would like to order. Once you are finished, click Submit.

    Viewing Online Statements
    You need Adobe® Reader® to view, print, or save your statement. If you do not have it, you can download Adobe Reader for free.
    If you have any problems viewing your statement online, call us at 1-800-956-4442.
    For legal purposes, a printed version of an Online Statement is the same as a paper statement mailed via U.S. Mail.

    Saving Online Statements

    Once you open your Online Statement using Adobe Reader, you can save it to your computer using the small disk icon. Provide a name for the file using a .pdf extension, using a descriptive name that will help you identify the statement (for example: “CheckingMay2002.pdf”).

    Printing Online Statements

    Once you’ve opened your Online Statement, you can print it by selecting the Print icon in your browser, or if you’ve saved your Online Statement onto your computer, you can print directly from your PDF reader.