where is text #32665113?

where is text #32665113?
Michael asked this question 3 years ago
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    The numbers are for different things, like status updates, comments, messages, et cetera. You can reply to things like comments and messages by replying to the message.

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    The number 32665113 is a spam text message. You can reply "stop" and that should opt you out of receiving further messages from it. You can block premium text messages like those by going to the local verizon wireless store and have the reps block them all together. Or you can call customer service and have them block them as well (800) 922-0204 press #0#0 when you hear the recording and that will transfer you directly to a live person.
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      (1)Sorry, the msg # is a friend found on facebook in India. It is NOT an unwanted spam txt. I meant to ask if you could tell where it came from, not how can I get rid of them. I also get txt msgs from 32665114, -15, -16. All but the last, -116, are known to me. If you can't find that last one, it's no big deal. (2)Can I text TO them by simply inserting that same number in a txt msg back to them? Should I use a city code? Country code? Area code? Intl calling prefix? Thanks for your help. You were fast too! --Mike
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      The only times I have seen numbers like that they have been associated with spam messages. Sorry for the misunderstanding. If you want to send a text message to some one in India from the US, you would dial 011 + 91 + the 10 or 13 digit number. International text messaging rates will apply. It also depends on which cell phone carrier they are using.