voice mail says invalid number

i am not able to listen to my voice mail .when i click on call it says invalid number .verizon mobile samsung .
for my voicemails,i have this option on my mobile
Press CALL to dial voicemail.When i press call,I get invalid number
niya asked this question 4 years ago
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    Go to menu, messages, then on your screen you should see either options or settings, choose that, go to voicemail # and change it to *86
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    The issue you're experiencing can be caused by one of three problems, and they are presented below in order of likelihood.
    1. You have accidentally forwarded calls and interrupted voicemail forwarding. Dial *73 and press send. Then try voicemail. If that fails...
    2. The speed dial conact you use to contact voicemail has become corrupted. Try dialing *86 and if that takes you to voicemail log in, you need to go to your contacts list and delete/re enter your voice mail number. Put in *86 and save it to speed dial #1.If that doesn't work....
    3. There is actually a problem with the voicemail server. Verizon has been making a lot of changes to the servers recently, so if none of the options above work for you, cal 1-800-922-0204 and have the problem looked at by a tech. You'll need to call from a line that isn't affected by the voicemail issue.

    Hope this helps!