my phone bill is too high!

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i currently have at&t for our two cell phones and verizon for our land line. my monthly bills =$100.00 plus. could i get a better deal with verizon alone?
carla asked this question 4 years ago
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    With Verizon Wireless you can get a 700 Min plan for 69.99 with individual text packages per line or unlimited text for 30. The home phone through verizon communications you can port to wireless and only pay 20.00 per month for unlimited minutes or 9.99 as a secondary on your family plan and share out of the 700 minutes. Its called the home phone connect. If you dont use the home phone a lot then you could easily get the 3 phones and unlimited text for 109.98 per month plus taxes and any additional features (like 30.00 for smartphones).
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