I need to reset my voicemail password

I need to reset my voicemail password
Tami asked this question 2 years ago
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    For Verizon Wireless, there are two ways to do this and you never have to talk to customer service.

    Option 1) Call *611 from your phone. Choose option 4 from the menu for other options. Verbally say, "change voicemail password", from there it will allow you to change it.

    Option 2) Go to VZW.com and log into your account. Click "Device Management" on the next page, them "Reset Voicemail Password" on the following page.

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      you can also go to your local corporate Verizon wireless store and the rep there can also reset it.
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    for verizon wirless call 800 922 0204 or *611 from your mobile and have technical support reset it. or for Verizon home service call 800 837 4966 and have technical support reset your home voice mail password.

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