I need an instructional manual for my Super Tooth Voice model BTSVBC3.

I need an instructional manual for my Super Tooth Voice model BTSVBC3.

Where can I obtain one?
lewis asked this question 4 years ago
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    I don't have a user guide available, but here are the instructions to use your Supertooth.

    Pairing with Phone
    1. Turn off all devices (ST Light and Phone)
    2. Turn on Phone
    3. Go to Bluetooth menu on the phone (might be in Settings > connectivity)
    4. Go to device list or paired devices (make sure bluetooth is turned on)
    5. Delete any old profiles that are still in there.

    6. Go to the Supertooth Light (BlueAnt)
    7. Hold down the green button (send button)
    8. while holding it down, open the microphone
    9. the light should start to flash "red" and "blue" (you can release the green button)
    10. go back to your phone, and go into either 'device list' menu or 'paired devices' menu on your phone.
    11. click on either search, add or new devices. Function depends on different phones
    12. when the phone has found the device, it should say 'ST Light BA V1'
    13. select it, then enter passkey "0000"
    14. If your phone ask for authorization or auto connect, just click "yes"

    By now, you should be connected to your device. Always remember to close the microphone before you leave the car.
    Otherwise, it will slowly drain the battery. If you want to reconnect, just simply open the microphone.
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    In addition, go to the supertooth website and contact their customer support. In most cases, electronic pdf versions of the owner manuals are available. Free of charge!