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I have a Jetpack 4g hotspot and even though my computer says I have excellent signal strength...

I have a Jetpack 4g hotspot and even though my computer says I have excellent signal strength with 72 Mbps, I can't get on the internet and when it does connect, i'm getting .32 upload speeds! What gives?!
Jeanie asked this question 1 year ago
  • TechNerd

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    Hm, could be a few different things. How is the service in your area? Are you using a desktop or laptop and what are the specifications? Also, when you connected it to your PC did you install the VZ Access Manager when prompted? Another thing to keep in mind is that upload speeds are always slower than download speeds, you would want to have a connection coming to you faster than what you are sending out online obviously.

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    • J


      The service, oddly enough, is lousy where I am, which is in Greenwich Village in Manhattan! I have Clear Spot also, which is crap, too but even that's better than Verizon. I can't afford now, to cancel Clear Spot because I have to rely on both hot spots which intermittently both connect. So it's costing me $125 a month for ...nothing. I know upload speeds are slower. My d/l speed is about 8 mbps, which is within the Verizon 5 - 12 Mbps range. The upload speed for this thing is supposed to be 2 - 5 Mbps. It doesn't even come close, obviously--that is, whenever it decides to connect. Very rarely, I get a checkmark on the Hot Spot itself but 98% of the time, the battery picture is showing sequential lines. Also, when I check the Hot Spot itself, I'm getting 2 bars.

      I don't know what the VZ Access Manager is. They activated it over the phone for me.

      At my sister's house in the Middle-of-Nowhere New Jersey, it works fine. So does Clear, for that matter. Is it because I live in Manhattan that I can't get service? I've tried everywhere in this apartment and the signal is the same everywhere. Just awful.
  • Gary

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    The jetpack's don't use the vzaccess manager. Typically this issue is caused as a result of poor wifi signal from the pc to the hotspot or no wifi connection. Make sure your wifi adapter drivers are up to date. Verify that the hotspot is connected by logging to the admin page of the jetpack. Contacting tech support at 8009220204 can assist you with logging into the admin page.