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i forgot my password to my voice mail.

i forgot my password to my voice mail,i havent checked my messages in a while because i havent had a messages so i just forgot and now i cant listen to my voice mail.
brittany asked this question 3 years ago
  • Verizon Wireless • 116 answers • 100% helpful

    The easiest way to get your voicemail in order is to either contact customer service at *611 or head to a local store. Ask them to reset your voicemail. When they do, you will get a new temporary password. You can use it to check your voicemail, then if you like, you can change it through your phone.
  • Verizon Wireless • 116 answers • 100% helpful

    All you need to do to resolve this is call customer service or go into a store. There, they will be able to reset your voicemail password. At that point, if you like, you can change it to whatever you wish.
  • Verizon Wireless • 145 answers • 93% helpful

    Passwords are usually something easy like last 4 of phone number or 1111, 1234. if it needs to be reset, just log in to your account and online and reset the password, thats the easiest way.
  • Verizon Wireless • 944 answers • 100% helpful

    the fastest way I've ever been able to reset the password is to dial *86 from your cell and when it prompts you for a password, enter 4 random digits. It will tell you did it wrong and then repeat 2 more times and then your account will inform you you need to reset your password and lead you through prompts to do so.