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How do I delete an app from my lg lucid

How do I delete an app from my lg lucid
Chris asked this question 2 years ago
  • Verizon Wireless • 514 answers • 91% helpful

    go to settings > applications > manage applications > choose the app you are trying to delete and press uninstall

    Hope this helps!

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  • Verizon Wireless • 6063 answers • 92% helpful

    The easiest way is to go to the Google play store icon. Press the menu button. Press my apps. Under the installed tab. Select the app you want to delete. Press uninstall.

    That will delete the app from the device.
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  • Verizon Wireless • 394 answers • 94% helpful

    You can also uninstall applications directly from the app drawer. Tap apps, then tap your menu button, then edit(I believe). Any app with an "x" in the corner can be uninstalled by taking on it and selecting uninstall