how can i block restricted and unavailable calls

how can i block restricted and unavailable calls
mickey asked this question 3 years ago
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    The only way is to pay for usage controls, which allows to block up to 20 numbers including restricted and anonymous. You sign up for the features online at 5.00 perI month
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active Verizon Wireless experts.

    How often do you receive them? Usage controls do work, but cell numbers are not publicly listed so if you get them often your number may have been leaked into a telemarketing list. Next time you get one, answer and ask to remove your number from their list and affiliates, they would have to by law at your request.
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    Both of the above answers are correct. There are also third party applications available such as Nr. Number, that will allow you to block restricted or private numbers or other numbers for free. to my knowledge,this application is only for smartphones.
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    All these answers seem good i would like to add google voice to the list
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    The first thing I'd like to ask is whether this is a Verizon Wireless account or a Verizon landline account?
    If Wireless - you can add usage controls for $4.99/mo that will allow you to block multiple numbers as well as block any private/restricted numbers from calling your phone. In addition, if you know the number that's calling you from a blocked number, you can have it blocked for free from the call & message blocking service and even though the caller is blocking their number, the system will read it as the true number and block it on the back end.
    If landline - you can block any private/restricted number from my verizon by going to calling features > incoming call block > and setting it as "reject all anonymous calls", you can also call customer support if you do not have access to my verizon.

    Customer support for wireless is 800-922-02040(or *611 from your cell)
    Customer support for landline is 800-837-4966