defective iphone verizon wants to replace with an old refurbished phone not a new one

I have a defective iphone and verizon wants to replace with an old scratched up refurbished phone not a new one. The phone is under warranty and Verizon won't replace it with a brand new phone.
batgirl asked this question 4 years ago
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    Did they already replace the handset? Is it physically damaged like you state? Although this devices are certified like new, it does not mean they are bad devices. And if the device comes damaged that is not normal and should be replaced again. As far as getting it replaced with a new phone the only way to do that would be to contact Apple directly. Per our agreements with the manufacturers, we can only replace a defective device with a new one if it is within 14 days of the original purchase. With these devices ranging anywhere from 650-850 dollars full retail we cannot afford to just give them away. Is there anything else I can help you with?
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    I'd like to note that many times, specifically iPhones,,are replaced with new devices and not refurbished ones. There honestly aren't as many of these devices returned as others in comparison, so the pool to create' refurbished' ones is very little. If you receive an iPhone with packaging that states that its 'refurbished', it may not necessarily be the case. They just won't send them with the original packaging to cut down on shipping costs, and at the same time send you a means of retuning your phone back to the company safely. However, if you did receive one that shows physical damage, you should return it ASAP for a different phone.
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    If you go to an Apple store, you'll very likely get replaced with a new phone. It's the best option that you have based on your situation.
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    Many times the "refurbished" phones are open box devices or given to Verizon by the manufacturer to cover their warranty. I have tracked the ESN on many iphone replacements and find that alot of them have NEVER been on anyone else's account and were never used. However, if you are concerned about this, contact the manufacturer directly as it is THEIR warranty that dictates how and what type of replacement is to be received; Check your warranty info that came with the device and then contact apple.