Can I use a Verizon Contract phone as a prepaid phone?

Can I use a Verizon Contract phone as a prepaid phone?
wendy asked this question 2 years ago
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    you can use any 3g phone on a prepay plan. as of now 4g phones are not compatible. the easiest way to convert from a contract plan to prepay is to call customer care at (800)922-0204 or by going in to your local corporate Verizon wireless store. either of these will go over the plan options that are specific for the phone you want to use. and they can activate and set you up with the prepay service. please let me know if you have any further questions. thank you.

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    Absolutely. As long as the phone is no longer on a contract and it's not "lost or stolen" it can be used a pre-paid phone.
    You'll need to take it to a store, pay for activation and buy a minute card

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    Let me know which phone you are using... right now if you have a 4G LTE smartphone there is not a way to use that phone on our pre-pay service. Just about any 3G smartphone can be put on the $60 or $70 plan on pre-pay. If it is a basic phone it may or may not, depending on how old it is. I would either go into a corporate VZW store (not an "authorized retailer") if you can because if you want to keep your same phone number they can help you transfer it and you won't have an activation fee, all you would have to do is pay your first month!