Why was flight UA4543 from Newark To Des Moines cancelled on June 17?

Why was flight UA4543 from Newark To Des Moines cancelled on June 17?
Richard asked this question 2 years ago
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    Richard, Here is the staus of your trip.


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    Do you mean a cancellation for tomorrow 6/27 or 6/17?

    If you mean 6/17, then I suggest that you email for web support who do have access to back dated information and can provide you with the official explanation in the database. Here is a link for that information:
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active United Airlines experts.

    Go to United.com and click Flight Status. Sometimes they don't give an explanation, it could be many factors. Call 1800UNITED1 if you need further assistance. Best of luck to you!

    United Airlines Customer Service

    can be reached at (800) 864-8331

    Fly by Night and Day's tips for this call:

    Say, Flight Status

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    Hi RIchard,
    We are not able to see past dated flight status on this forum and I do suggest that you call Reservations at 1800-864-8331 so the agent can provide that information to you. Several reasons that the flight could have been cancel, mechanical, crew, or weather, etc. ...just a few things of many. Please give them a call at your earliest convenience. Best regards.
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    We had exception policy's in effect, so most likely is was weather, but you really need to contact Customer Care for past date Flight Info, this type of info is not kept in Reservation computer syste,. or United.com beyonf 3 days.
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      June 18, 2013
      Exception Policy (Sev 1) EWR/NYC - 6/18/13
      Hello All,

      We implemented an exception policy (Sev 1) for the New York/Newark area due to thunderstorms.

      • Cities Impacted: EWR / HPN / JFK / LGA

      • Travel Dates: 6/17/13-6/18/13

      Sev 1 – Customers are permitted to make a change to travel plans with the change fee waived.

      United Sales provides travel agencies with a waiver code that they can view online (TAIC) so they can process changes.

      DRS: EWR WEATHER and ATRE have been updated. United.com will be updated shortly.
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