What is the maximum checked baggage weight for an international flight (New Jersey, USA to London...

What is the maximum checked baggage weight for an international flight (New Jersey, USA to London Heathrow, England)?
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    You are allowed ONE checked bag on international flights free of charge. The bag can weigh no more than 50 lbs and not be over 62 linear inches. You are allowed one carry on bag that is of a size to fit under a seat if necessary (45 L.I.. max). You can also bring along a laptop or food bag which is not counted. If you need more information, go to United.com and type in Baggage. Best of luck to you. Cheerio!

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    You should be frugal with your checked baggage. Here is a link to read about the rules and a tool to see charges for a second bag.


    If you click on additional charges you will see cost for excess size and weight.

    Here is a link to what you can carry-on board:

    Here is a link to what the security folks will allow through their process at the airport:

    My advice is to take some snacks or food with you. This will pass security without a problem (sandwich, trail mix, or anything purchased in the airport after security). In these times you may only get one small meal and if you are prepared you can eat when you need and what you like. Non-alcoholic beverages are still free. Ask for the whole can!
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    Check one bag at no charge
    1st bag
    2nd bag
    Up to 62.0 linear inches (157cm) L + W + H and 50.0 lbs (23 kg) per bag
    Baggage size and weight restrictions
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      Third bag and Any Additional
      up to 62.0 linear inches (157 cm)
      and 50.0 lbs (23 kgs)
      $200 per bag
      Oversized Bags
      from 63.0 to 115.0 linear inches (160 to 292 cm)
      $200 extra per bag
      Overweight Bags
      from 51.0 to 70.0 lbs (24 to 32 kg)
      $200 extra per bag
      Bags which exceed 115 linear inches (292 cm) and 100 lbs. (45 kg) will not be accepted as checked baggage