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This is my first time flying, I need to know more about checking my bagage.

This is my first time flying, I need to know more about checking my bagage.
Lori asked this question 2 years ago
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    Hi Lori. Congratulations on your first flight! You can carry on a rollerboard bag with max size 22in X 9IN X 14 in (including handles and wheels), plus a personal item such as purse or backpack. Anything larger than the maximum carry on size must be checked. There are fees for checked baggage and additional charges for excessive size and weight. Here is the link to the details:
    Hope you enjoy the flight!
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    • United Airlines • 156 answers • 94% helpful

      I suggest you check in online within 24 hours of departure time, print a boarding pass, and answer how many pieces of luggage to check. Once you did that, all you need to do when you get to the airport is to join the line for tagging checked luggage, which is usually smaller than the line for check-in. Depending on where you are flying from, you may need to give yourself at least an hour and half to check your luggage and get through security (at busy airports). Also, please look over what TSA allows in carry on baggage, so you can avoid delays from TSA wanting to confiscate any prohibited items.
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    You are the last of the Mohicans! Carry on is not charged for a suitcase (small enough to fit under a seat) and a personal item such as a purse or laptop. Checked bags domestically cost $25. for the first and $35. for the second. Here is a link that will answer all of you questions about carry on and checked bags. Have a great tip.