I need the phone number for a Senior Vice President of Customer Service for United Airlines.

I need the phone number for a Senior Vice President of Customer Service for United Airlines. I have had a problem and cannot speak to a decision maker. My flight was changed and now I am missing the wedding I was flying to and they have offered me a voucher for another flight. I used air miles and because of that they will not put me on another flight that would get me there in time but is not on the miles flight.
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    Hello and sorry about the inconvinience,

    Fly by night is right, and my personal suggestion, if you still have time,

    consider the possibility of reinstate the miles into your account again. If this is a very important travel that must be completed without surprises, maybe you should consider the possibility of buying a ticket no only with United but also check availability with other airlines.

    This might calm you down and you will be ok if something happens on the day of departure. It is just a precaution.


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      Thanks for the help!
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      you re welcome
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active United Airlines experts.

    The telephone number for Mileage Plus Customer Service is: 1800-421-4655. You can ask to be transfered to the highest supervisor available. You can also write Customer Relations, Attn: Sr. VP, United Airlines, PO Box 66100, Chicago IL 60666. I assume you are pressed for time, however.

    I take it that you are giving yourself a very short window to get to the wedding. Air travel being what it is, you should always allow an extra day even if everything is on schedule -- especially when using free miles.

    My suggestion in order to get you there when you need to be is to purchase a ticket as soon as possible! Save the miles for later and still file a complaint. You won't get a free ticket out of it but maybe some compensation for the trouble. Good luck!