How to request a refund for a ticket.

What is a good reason to get a refund for my flight? I know refund for air tickets are not lenient but I need a good reason for United to give me a refund. I'm trying to request a refund through the request form on and want to know what is a good reason that united will accept for a refund. Thank you so much!
Charlie asked this question 4 years ago
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    You can ask the airline for the refund only incase of the passangers serious illness which shall be proved with the genuine medical certificate by a certified doctor on his letter head.If you can prove that because of your illness or may be illness of your close family member you cannot at all providing them with a propoer medical certificate you can get a refund....thx
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    Hi Charlie! United will refund your ticket if there is a flight cancellation/delay by more than 2 hours.
    Also due to illness as explained above. Just make sure the doctor mentions in his note that the passenger would not be able to travel for at least a year from the issue date of the ticket. There would be a $50 processing fee applied and the rest of the amount would be refunded to you.
    If the doctor cannot mention the '1 year' in his letter, you can use the credit on your ticket for future travel (within the 1-year validity). But you would need to cancel the reservation. Whenever you are ready to travel again, you can call Reservations and have them re-issue the ticket. They will charge you an exchange fee of $150 at that point, which can be refunded if you write in to Again, in this case, there will be a $50 processing fee and $100 will be refunded to you.
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    That s correct. Please consider all the instructiions above from Travo and Expert Co, in addition, here is what United s web site states about refunds,

    Can I receive a full refund for my ticket?

    Customers who purchase a ticket or use Mileage Plus® miles to book an award ticket for travel on United may cancel their reservations and receive a full refund without penalty within 24 hours of purchase. Visit the Refunds page to learn more.
    If more than 24 hours have passed since you booked your travel, you may only receive a ticket refund if you purchased a fully refundable ticket.
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