how much do i have to pay if i'd like to change my flight ?

how much do i have to pay if i'd like to change my flight ?
guillaume asked this question 3 years ago
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    To change your ticket if it is non-refundable restrictive ticket it would be $200 change fee and International ticket $300 and maybe a difference in the fare. If you have further questions please let me know.

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    You have to check the type of fare. But by the rules all domestic tickets issued after apr 17 the penalty is 200 for international 300 always there might be a fare difference

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    The cost to change your flight depends on the type of ticket you have purchased and the type of change you need to make. Enter your confirmation number and last name in the space provided at the bottom of this Web page. Then select the Change Flights option. You will have the opportunity to review all related costs before finalizing your changes,
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    At least 200 bucks. Non-refundable tickets are not flexible. You can't get your money back and you will pay a penalty plus the cost difference in a new ticket. If it is worth it to you, go to and click Change/Cancel. Best of luck to you!