how long do you have to cancel a flight for credit?

how long do you have to cancel a flight for credit?
Gopika asked this question 2 years ago
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    Prior to departure of the first segment of your reservation, you must cancel your flight. Otherwise, your ticket will be void and have no value. If you have some compelling reason for not calling prior to departure a supervisor can restore your credit. This would be something like you were in the hospital or some other emergency which precluded you from calling immediately.

    Here are the rules about using your ticket credit after your cancellation:
    Most bargain tickets are non-refundable, however you can make changes for a penalty and any difference in fare. If you call 1800 300 1547, these agents can help you find a date that is about the same price as your original ticket. In the domestic USA market the change fee is usually $200 per person paid when you are ready to make new reservations. Once you cancel your current itinerary, you have one year from date of purchase to make a change and pay the change fee, and you can plan out 330 days in the future.

    Do not lose your confirmation number, as you will need it when you decide to reschedule your travel. Your cancelled ticket will remain in the system for one year from date of purchase. Ask the agent when that year is up and they will let you know.

    If cancellation is due to illness or emergency of you or your immediate family. You can qualify for a reduced change penalty ($50pp) with proper documentation (Dr note, hospital bill, or program from a funeral).

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    Hi Gopika I hope your having a wonderful evening, couple situations, if your ticket was purchased within last 24 hrs this would be a wonderful option; United’s 24-hour flexible booking policy

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    Posted Thu., Jul. 17, 2008

    United's 24-hour flexible booking policy allows the flexibility to make changes to your reservations within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket, without incurring change fees. This includes canceling your reservation and requesting a 100% refund of the ticket price.

    Terms and conditions

    Applies to tickets booked at or with United Reservations.
    The 24-hour timeframe begins at the time your ticket is purchased.
    Requests for refunds will be credited back in the original form of payment.
    Group tickets and tickets purchased using Western Union, cash or e-certificates are excluded.
    Reservations that are being held but have not yet been purchased are excluded.
    Any FareLockSM fees paid to hold a reservation will not be refunded. If you have purchased your ticket and has been beyond the grace period, these terms would apply, RULE 7 TICKET VALIDITY PERIOD
    A) Period of Validity - Except as otherwise provided in this Rule or required by the applicable local law of a foreign
    jurisdiction, any eligible Ticket issued by UA or its authorized agent on UA Ticket Stock will be valid for
    transportation for one year from the date on which transportation commences at the point of origin as designated on the
    original Ticket or, if no portion of the Ticket is used, one year from the date of issuance of the original or reissued
    Ticket, whichever is later. When an unused published fare Ticket is completely reissued, the new Ticket validity on the
    reissued Ticket will be determined from the date the Ticket was reissued. When a Ticket includes an excursion or
    special fare having a shorter period of validity than one year, the shorter period of validity will apply only to the
    excursion or special fare transportation. When a fare limits the carriage to specific periods of the day, week, month, or
    year, the Ticket is valid for the specified periods only. When fares are combined to create Round/Circle/Open-Jaw
    Trips, the most restrictive provisions will apply to the entire transportation.
    NOTE: Nonrefundable fares have no value after ticketed departure time.
    One way or another you must cancel travel plan for ticket to have future use, only good in same passengers name. E) Non-refundable Tickets:
    1) General Rule – Except as provided in Rules 4 and 27 C), UA will not refund any portion of a Ticket that is
    purchased with a non-refundable fare, including the fare and any taxes, fees, or other charges included within the
    total price paid for the Ticket.
    2) Application of Unused Ticket toward Future Ticket Purchase - UA may allow a portion of the non-refundable fare
    paid for an unused and unexpired non-refundable UA Ticket to be applied towards the purchase of future travel on
    UA, provided it is done in accordance with the applicable fare rule in place at the time of such request. Change
    fees and other administrative charges may apply. Any portion not so applied will not be refunded in any form.
    Any other questions in regards to this info provided by my resources, or Wonderkaty should be pursued by contacting United Airlines directly, and immediately due to validity concerns, 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) from the U.S. and Canada, never the less, thank you for your inquiry Gopika, we could not do this with out you, I really appreciate it. And further matters or questions don't hesitate to drop me a line. If there was also a unplanned situation that prevent you from the use of the ticket, please address that with United Airlines directly, maybe they can work with you. I know as a previous supervisor this was well within my means. Take care Sir. Thank you again.

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    Hi Gopika,
    You can cancel your ticket anytime up to 2 hours before departure. You can go on line at view and cancel your ticket or you can call United at 1800-864-8331 an agent will cancel your ticket for you. Best regards.
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    Hi Gopika,
    You have several options to cancel your reservation.
    First you may visit and enter your last name and confirmation number to view or change your reservation.
    Once canceled, your reservation will be moved to the Canceled tab, and may be accessed for subsequent changes up
    to a year from when the ticket was purchased. Depending on the rules of your fare, fees may apply.
    You may also contact customer care 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) from the U.S. and Canada
    If this was a mileage plus ticket you can view your reservation and make changes using your MileagePlus account number at or contact them at:
    By phone:
    Hours: 7 a.m. – 12 a.m. (CT), 7 days a week
    Call from the U.S. or Canada 1-800-421-4655
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    You have to cancel a reservation within 24 hours for a full refund. You must cancel a reservation 24 hours in advance to receive a travel credit on a non-refundable ticket. If you are holding one of those tickets without travel insurance, the change fee is 200-300 dollars plus any difference in airfare. Go to and click Change/Cancel Reservations to do so. Best of luck to you!