how do I cancel a reservation?

how do I cancel a reservation?
Michael asked this question 3 years ago
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    You can cancel a reservation online at, center of page VIEW RESERVATION, enter passenger last name and confirmation number. That takes you to a page with several options including CANCEL. You probably will not get a refund of a non refundable ticket, but you will have one year from date of purchase to change dates and even destinations.

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      You can also cancel by phone 1 800 united1
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    Hi Mike 2 ways, one either call UA 1-800-United1, and a agent will cancel itinerary and explain terms of ticket and validity, or view reservation by confirmation # and last name, on home page of, and once travel plan displayed it has a link a icon that allows you to cancel online! Take care, I hope this was helpful
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    You can easily cancel by going to and click View/Change Reservation. If you purchased a full fare ticket you can apply for a refund online. If, however, you bought a non-refundable ticket you won't get a refund but may pay a penalty of approximately $150. to change it and the cost of the new airfare. It will make your ticket worth much less than what you paid for it. Only way to avoid that in the future is to purchase travel insurance.