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How do I and to whom can I send a "compliment" regarding an United Employee?

How do I and to whom can I send a "compliment" regarding an United Employee? There are numerous listings for complaints, but cannot find anywhere to submit a compliment!
bob g
Robert asked this question 3 years ago
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active United Airlines experts.

    You can do it in the same place. Click on the link for Customer Service and the comment will be forwarded to the employee. Thanks!

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    • R
      My interest is in knowing the employees organization management knows of thie employees positive conduct and customer support. I already expressed my appreciation to the employee.
      Bob G
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      You can write a letter to the Operations Manager of the airport location where the employee works and they will forward it to his/her supervisor in that department. Example: United Airlines SFO, San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA 94128 ATTN: Inflight Services.
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      The airport is in the Dominican Republic. There is no working mail service in the Dominican Republic and hasn't been for many years. Isn't there anyone at the Airline headquarter in Texas that cares about these type of customer responses?
      The party I wish to compliment is a member of the management of the team at that airport. What good does it do to send my remarks to the management of the facility?
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      The Corporate Headquarters for United Airlines is in Chicago. Go straight to the top! Jeff Smisek, CEO, United Airlines, P.O. Box 66100, Chicago, IL 60666. It may take awhile to trickle down.
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      Thanks for the help!
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      You are most welcome.
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      Well, the email address don't work or are now closed. I will now admit defeat in my attempt ot bring favoriable attention to an exceptional employee that I had hoped to bring some recognition.
      There is probably no one there who care or would take the time to do it anyway.
      Robert A Groves
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      The address I gave you was not email. A letter is a much more effective method of communication.
  • United Airlines • 3419 answers • 92% helpful is the best direction, Mr Smisek has been having his emails filtered out due to transition with merger

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      Thank you, but followed your directions above and my Optonline and my AOL - This is not a known member.

      Your mail has not been sent. Please correct the problems listed and try again.

      Do you have another address I should try? R Groves
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    If you would like to provide feedback on a recent travel experience, use the form on this Web page

    if you would like to compliment an airport employee at your local airport, you can do it in person as well on your next trip, by writing a letter to united s manager station providing the detialed information of your travel experience with that particular agent.