What is the unlock code for a samsung sgh-t340g?

What is the unlock code for a samsung sgh-t340g?
Curtis asked this question 3 years ago
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    you will have to contact Tracfone's customer service and request the unlock code. if they don't give it to you, you will have to purchase the code through an online vendor such as ebay. While I have been wrong before because some people are very clever, I'm pretty sure that you won't be able to get that phone to work on our network

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    NON-BRANDED T-mobile Customers:
    -First they will ask for your devices IMEI number. You can find this in several places, the easiest being on the back of your device. This area also has the model number too. (note: Samsung for Verizon and Sprint will not work on T-mobile)
    -(I am not sure is the *#06# will work on other carriers devices)
    -The last way is through you devices options menu under "about phone"...
    Now, you have several options here as well.
    - Shop Ebay for a unlock code for sgh-t340g
    Nothing came up for me...

    some straight talk phones work with out unlocking it. Have you tried to use the tmobile sim in it? If it doesnt work you can pick up a similar device for 25-50 bucks at walmart. pay a little to save on hassle

    - Google search for your current device