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T-mobile Sparq phone how do I select a new ring tone louder than the other and set it to vibrate...

T-mobile Sparq phone how do I select a new ring tone louder than the other and set it to vibrate mode when I have an incoming call?It has nothing in the operations manual about this??
Andrew asked this question 3 years ago
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    ringtone volume as far as i know is going to be constant no matter what person you set it can, however, choose some ringtones that are louder than others, but i can understand that would mean not getting exactly what you wanted....some ringtones, depending on where you download them from, are going to be louder right off the bat than others. individual variations on ringtones, whatever they may be, will be when you edit a specific contact as long as it is stored to the phone memory and not the sim can tell which is which by how much info it lets you add to a certain contact...sim cards only let you change the number and name while phone memory contacts let you put things like birthdate address etc.
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    Customers may not hear the phone ring when the ringtone is set to Tjingle. The ringtone is short and there is a longer than average delay between rings.

    To change the ringtone or melody, follow these steps:

    From the Home screen, select the Menu icon.
    Scroll to and select Profiles.
    Scroll to one of the following sound profiles:
    Flight mode
    If necessary, select Activate.
    Select Edit.
    Select Edit again.
    Scroll to and select the ringtone you want to use.