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spam on my phone email

spam on my phone email
Paula asked this question 2 years ago
  • T-Mobile • 327 answers • 94% helpful

    If you mean SPAM like ads popping up on your Android, that is common with certain apps you download, like smaller free apps, like free music. You can uninstall the app which will help, however, the only way it will fully stop is to perform a master reset, that way all spyware is removed and you should not see them after you do the master reset.

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  • T-Mobile • 4473 answers • 92% helpful

    define phone email.....what email provider is it? yahoo hotmail aol? or the email? stopping it is usually the same way you would stop regular email spam....either reply with "STOP" or in the email click on the link that says click to unsubscribe

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  • T-Mobile • 111 answers • 100% helpful

    If you are talking about what I believe you are, the easiest solution is to log into and go to mobile life email and text tools and change your phone's email address from your tmobile phone number to anything else you would like. A lot of companies send junk using cell phone numbers with to spam you. If it is something else I will need more info. Hope this helps!