How do I improve my cell phone signal?

How do I improve my cell phone signal?
jaycaesar asked this question 3 years ago
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    1. A new SIM card. Least likely to help, but may improve the signal if your SIM is older or defective
    2. Wifi Calling. Works within range of a wifi network, that you have access to, granted you have a phone that is equipped with it (most of our phones have it nowadays. Uses wifi signal for reception over signal towers
    3. New Phone. Perhaps yours is defective, although unlikely the case. If you do, get one that has wifi calling
    4. Use our signal booster program. Depends heavily on line of site, and what kind of building you live in. Free to get, but comes with a 2 year contract. improves signal by a bar or two in most cases
    5. Move to a place that has better reception.
    6. Cancel with us and go with another carrier that has better reception...sometimes we're just not the best in certain areas
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      Black ties suggestions are all great. Our signal booster no longer requires a 2 year contract however, just a fee if you dont return it. This is a very recent change. Goodluck !
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    It could be your SIM card, or your phone, or the area where you use it. If you are referring to your home., customer service offers an in home signal booster to longer term customers. If you meant elsewhere, please elaborate and we will help
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    Different phones give different service. Try a new sim first.
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    First go to a corporate store and change your sim card and if that doesn't help as long as you don't live in an apartment and have a contract account you can order a signal booster/repeater. To do that you should be able to call 611 or visit a corporate store location. It is free and no longer requires a 2 year agreement like it used to. Good luck!