How do I download Tmobile pictures to pc

How do I download
Tmobile pictures to pc
Goldeen asked this question 3 years ago
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    Regardless of what kind of phone you can always send pics to your online album at the cost of a text message. Then log in and download to your computer anywhere! Just send the picture via MMS to the number 222 and you're done! just log in and download!

    Smartphones are easier to a point but require more effort!

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    • T-Mobile • 1082 answers • 91% helpful

      First youll need to insert a micro sd card. You can pick one up online dirt cheap! Radioshack has them cheaper than in a store as well, just dont get suckered into any card larger tgan 4gb as the phone cnt read anymore than that. Then get a micro USB cable again, ebay $5 or in store $15. Your wall charger also doubles as one.

      Now your are ready to do this. Go into your settings and turn on mas storage from your usb settings. Then connect the phone to the computer and the computer will ask you how you want to use your phone. Choose a folder tan drag and drop your pictures.

      If you didnt have a memory card first your going to need to transfer the files to the new card. Just goto your gallery after the card is installed and select move or copy. I suggest move to sdcard.
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