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When will time Warner get the Fusion Channel?

When will time Warner get the Fusion Channel? I would like to receive it. Thank you. Janet Killian
Janet asked this question 5 months ago
  • Gary Figueredo

    Currently a 11 Year Senior Service Technician with Time Warner Cable. Experienced in trouble shooting...

    Accepted answer

    Hi Janet. I'm Not sure. They haven't handed out the New channel Lineup for us techs. You But due to FCC regulations, they can announce it but can't release any shows on it till that time.
    Now you can keep checking your Local channel listings till the launch date.

    • J


      Thank you
    • Gary Figueredo

      You are Welcome
    • Gary Figueredo

      Hi Janet, Seems Fusion was launched yesterday. ABC but still not informing the viewers the Time it will be broadcasting.
      Here's the link:
    • J


      I think I'll need to go directly to Time Warner here in Cincinnati to see if they are going o carry it, thank you or your help? Janet Killian
    • Gary Figueredo

      Yes, I'll need to ask Plant of Operation here in Columbus.
  • Drahcir

    Worked in the cable industry as a Headend Tech, Field Tech, Project Manager, Technical Supervisor, for 42...

    Janet, you may have luck speaking with your local cable office. Usually, deciding on particular channels to add to a cable sysytem is a decision made by upper management. You could also call 1800twchelp and they also be able to direct you.

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