where do I find my security or password for my wireless router?

what is my security or password for my wireless router? I am trying to reinstall a wireless printer and need this info.
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susan asked this question 2 years ago
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    On the back of most of our modems there is a Pre-Shared Key printed. This is the default password unless you have made a custom password. In the case that you have forgotton the password, you can reset the modem. There is a tiny black reset button on the back of the modem, use a pen tip to press and hold for 30seconds, this will reset your modem to factory settings. Then use the Pre-Shared Key to access the wireless network.
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    the best thing is to your local customer service office and they should help you
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    Yes you can go the the address displayed on the bottom of the router if it's New router. If it's an older router, you'll need to contact that Company Tech support so that they can give you the Admins Web sight so that you can login to your wireless router.
    By pressing the Factory Reset button, you'll not just erase the password you already have but the (SSID) ROUTER NAME which is used so that your family can connect to.
    Once you have access to the Admins page, make sure you click on the wireless setting Tab/Link which will allow you to see the SSID and scroll down until you see the Encryption Phrase/Security Key .
    Make sure you place a check mark in that box. This will allow you to see the password.

    *** FYI *** I know that we lose password like crazy but best passwords we use out in the field are: Cell Number, Old Phone numbers, Those work better then creating several passwords which we really don't use and FORGET.

    Keep us informed....
    Good Luck.
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      Time Warner was able to access my account and provide my password (only to find out I had the right password, just didn't use upper case for the first letter. Aarrrghh!) Thanks for your response.
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      That's good. Just remember the upper case when it comes to your wireless Router... Have Fun...