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We have time warner cable modem ubee and all computers connect without issue except one.

We have time warner cable modem ubee and all computers connect without issue except one. it shows connected to the wireless modem but also say no internet connection. Any suggestions?
jerry asked this question 1 year ago
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    Hi Jerry. My first question to you would be if the computer that can't get connection is WiFi ready. If yes, look for a WiFi button if it's a Laptop.
    If the computer is a Desktop, Does it have a WiFi Receiver like a USB Wireless Adaptor. If not, Then you'll need to purchase or have TWC Technician come out and instal the drivers for a USB Wireless Adaptor. We technicians carry them in our trucks for this type of issue. Keep in mind, they may charge you for the truck trip.
    Now, if you know where to look for it in your Computer Device Manager, it just maybe that the device maybe turned off.
    There's so many variables but that's where we as Technicians start looking...
    Wireless Buttons, Computer Properties, Device Manager, Networking

    Adaptors.Now, if you computer recognizing any WiFi at all, Contact your Local Customer Service Office to schedule a Technician Service call.

    Good Luck

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  • Time Warner Cable • 18 answers

    If your connected like you said but still having no internet access, at the bottom where you see your connections it will say open network and troubleshooting. Open that, click on diagnose a problem. Click diagnose my connection to the internet. It will begin. The say 2 options pick, diagnose my connectionto it will then either correct the problem or tell you what the problem is.