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I need a new remote the one I have does not work .

I need a new remote the one I have does not work .could u send me one?
Betty asked this question 9 months ago
  • Gary Figueredo

    Currently a 11 Year Senior Service Technician with Time Warner Cable. Experienced in trouble shooting...

    You can drive to your Local TWEC Office and ask on of the agents to replace the remote Control. One thing you need to know before you do this.
    It's Programing the remote control to your TV and other Equipment.
    Every Remote comes with an Instruction booklet.
    If you take the time to read the booklet, you'll be able to program the remote control to your equipment.


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  • Salvatoreadam

    Time Warner Cable Inbound Sales

    Yes, you can either call customer care and they will mail one out or stop by your local time warner cable retail store. Best of luck!


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