how do I find out what my wifi password is

how do I find out what my wifi password is
nick asked this question 3 years ago
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    Hi Nick,
    There's two ways of doing this... If you are renting the router from Time Warner, you'll need to have a Service Technician come pay you a visit to get the password for you. Customer Service can't access that information.
    then Second way... If this is your personal router and it's a newer model, take a look at the bottom of the router. You'll see an IP address starting out with 192.168. .
    you 'll need to type that address up in the address field box and click enter.
    Now, a User name & pass word will be needed to enter the Admins page. The password should be on the sticker as well on the bottom of the router.
    Just in Case... The User Name is: admin / password is: password

    If your router is an older model, you may need to contact Customer Support for that Model.

    Good luck.

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    Also, if it's a newer device, you might find it on a label on the outside of the device.
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    the best way to find your password is be calling customer service they have your password and should give it to you
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    If you are renting a router from TWC simply give us a call at 1-800-TWCABLE and they can remotely access the router and find your password or even reset it if need be, Now this is not true if you are using a stand alone neatgear or SMC(white) router, then you will need a technician yo pay you a visit.

    If you are using your own personal router google for the log in instructions and looks for "Wireless Password" once you have gained access to the unit