For the last couple of weeks in my bedroom and living room where my digital boxes are I have had...

For the last couple of weeks in my bedroom and living room where my digital boxes are I have had a lot of digital interference on channels WRAZ and CBS. On my other TV's throughout house where we just have standard TV the channels come in crystal clear. This reminds me of what my satellite TV did when it stormed.
Kevin asked this question 2 years ago
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    This is an issue that will require you to have a technician out to fix. This can be done by calling 877-772-2253 and scheduling with a Customer Care Representative.

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    Sounds a lot like digital interference on your cable line. It'd only affect the cable boxes because they use a digital signal, whereas the TV's without a box are using an analog signal, which more robust and not so affected by interference or poor signal strength. Let me also ask, for you have any other services? like Internet and/or Phone? Are those services having trouble too? If so, I'd definitely recommend contacting TWC Tech Support and scheduling a technician visit to your home. They have the tools and training to isolate and repair the causes of poor quality signal. Also, I just thought of this... if your internet and phone are working normally... do you know if you have an amplifier on your cable line? It'd look like a power supply plugged a power socket, connected to a cable line that runs back into the cable outlet. If so, make sure that the outlet is powered and that the power supply is not loose. Contact TWC Support for further assistance if you are still having issues after following these steps. Good Luck!

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