i keep getting the same text's over and over again.

i keep getting the same text's over and over again...how do i get this to stop?
Dan asked this question 3 years ago
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    There's very little that you can do on your own. The phone most likely needs to be reprogrammed - i would take it to a Sprint corporate store that is a service and repair center

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    Depending on the phone try pulling the battery while powered on. If that doesnt work try a master reset or call tech support and see if they can refresh your texting.
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    Does it happen to you constantly in the same area? Or is it more of the same people keep sending you mult. the same text over and over? If it is more of you getting the same message over and over while you are in the same coverage area it could be you leaving and re-entering the network again and again. I've seen this problem happen it areas with poor network and where people use airaves. The same could be true for the person sending the message. If they are in bad network when they send it, it tries to resend over and over. Your phone may be perfectly fine and it could just be a issue with the network. I would first try what the other 2 suggested, try a battery pull, then try reprogramming your phone. If that doesn't work bring it to a repair center to they can run some tests on your device. If they come to the conclusion that your phone isn't having any issues, its a network issue. To get a network issue fixed, you have to address it with customer service so they can make a ticket and have a tech fix the tower.
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    You can log into your Sprint account and block the number that the message is coming from. If it is come from someone you want to receive text messages from call 8882114722 and tell them you are receiving duplicate text messages.
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    Update the phones Data profile, this setting can be found in the settings section on your phone. Then restart, it should fix the issue. Also update the prl and firmware if needed.