Airrave not working behind router

I have an Airvana Airrave. How do I get this unit to work behind my Router? What ports do I open? Why will it only work when connected directly to my DSL modem ? How do I set my router to allow it to work behind the router ? The Airave is causing problems for my router. I cannot use my proxy server and VPN tunnels as I have in the past. I have tried putting my Router in the DMZ of the Airave but that is not working either. There is a port or something they are not telling us about that is being used. It prevents the Airave from working behind the router. I have called sprint and their response was to say either hook it up directly behind the DSL modem or send the thing back. Neither of these options are acceptable to me. There has to be a way to make this work. Anyone ??????
Donald asked this question 5 years ago
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