Tv all static saying weak no signal

Tv all static saying weak no signal
Irene asked this question 2 years ago
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    Make sure your television is on the right input. if you are using and hd box, use the television remote, not the one cablevision supplied, to change the input on your tv to one if the hdmi inputs or component inputs.
    please let me know if this helps.
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    Hi Irene

    When you get a message from your TV that reads "Weak or No Signal" it usually means one of three things:

    1) Your TV is not on the right input Channel
    2) Your Cable Box is not on
    3) A combination of 1 & 2

    First make sure your cable box is on. If it is a Samsung box check to see if there is a BLUE light above the time display, If there is no BLUE light then your box is OFF. If you have either a SA 4200/4250/8300 box do you see the word BYPASS where the time is displayed? If you do your box is OFF.

    If your box is ON then you'll need to check the channel on the TV. If your TV is not a HDTV make sure your TV is on CH 3. Turn your TV OFF then back ON and in the upper right hand corner of the TV screen you'll see a channel #. If your not seeing CH 3 then you'll need to put your TV on CH 3.

    If you have a HDTV and your using either a HDMI or Component connection you need to make sure your TV is on the right input channel. Seem list below for reference of what input your TV should be on based on the type of connection your using:

    Component (Red/Blue/Green) - Comp/Component/Color Stream
    HDMI - HDMI (1/2/3)

    If you are still having problems, call customer service and they can walk you through this procedure to help you get your picture back.

    Hope this helps, Irene.