I forgot the password to my wireless network.

I forgot the password to my wireless network. How can I reset the password?
Eileen asked this question 2 years ago
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    HI Eileen,

    If your Home Router was provided by Cablevision, then simply call customer service and a online customer service representative can help you reset your wi-fi password for your home network.

    If you brought your own router from a local electronics store, your router should have come with a start-up disc. If you know where that disc is place in your PC and follow the on-screen instructions on how to reset your wi-fi password. If you do not have the start-up disc that came with your home router then call the manufacturer so they can help you.

    Hope this helps, Eileen.
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      Hi Eileen,

      Were you able to get your issue resolved and have your Wi-Fi password reset?
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    Hi Eileen. The easiest way is to restore your router to default settings by pushing in the reset button on the back of your router if 10 seconds. You will need a pen or paper clip to push it, though. Once the router cycles, it should be unsecure leaving you free to connect to it.
    If it doesn't prompt you to run the setup wizard, then you will need to run the install disc, or secure your network manually. What brand is your router so I can assist further? Also, before you reset anything, do you have any devices currently connected to the router?