Hello. I have a problem with on demand. When I try to play my shows on free on damand there is a msg that pops up and it says " Unable to play video Please try again later. (VID 40041) in the right corner it says VS017a. Its been like that for about four days now. Please respond. I would really like to watch my shows. Thank you.
Teresa asked this question 2 years ago
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    Hi Teresa,

    Sorry your having a problem with your Free OnDemand service, Based on the information you provided your cable box may need to be rebooted to resolve the issue your having with the OnDemand service.

    To reboot the box you can either unplug the cable box, make sure the time and the lights go out on the box, then plug it back in again. Or locate and press the follow buttons at the same time VOL+/VOL- and the INFO button (just press and let go don't hold down the buttons).

    If you have a SA cable box you'll see the word BOOT appear then then after a minute of two the box will go blank and then begin blinking HOLD. Wait until the box starts flashing TURN ON before you turn SA box back on.

    If you have a Samsung box, after the word BOOT, you'll see a series on numbers and letters (6210/P113/0CAP/CUC/7:00/RIT then your box will display the correct time and start flashing TURN ON. Turn the Samsung box on and then your TV and you should see a message that reads:


    Underneath there will be a loading bar. Once that bar reaches the other end of the TV your picture should come back on.

    Once you have the Cable Box and the TV on try the Free OnDemand service again. If it still does not work or your still getting the same error message you'll nee to call customer service. They may need to 'update' your box or you'll need a service appointment to resolve your issue.

    Hope this helps, Teresa.
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      Hi Teresa,

      Just following up. Were you able to get your issue with the OnDemand service?
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    Rebooting the box may help but only for a short time. Usually this problems happens from a bad cable line in the house. Make sure all of the connections on the back of the box are tight and then reboot. Chances are that you need a service call.