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Why did my scheduled recording not record when there were no conflicts?

Why did my scheduled recording not record when there were no conflicts? I missed tonight's NCIS episode. I have the Hopper on the living room TV and a Joey on the downstairs TV. There was nothing else to record at time. The icon on the guide was red instead of blue but I can't figure out why the program didn't record. Please help!
Jeanette asked this question 3 years ago
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    check your priorities list as well. sometimes show conflict with each other and the DVR will resolve these conflicts by looking at the recording priority of each show. the one with the highest priority will be the show it records I doubt you ran out of recording time unless you've recorded a whole week worth of shows. I assume everything is hooked up right otherwise you wouldn't be watching TV. I would test it by recording something on both the joey and the hopper at the same time and see what happens. normally this shouldn't be a problem. there could be a glitch with either one. Also you can consult your manual about recording, starting on page 57 or go here: Hope this all helps.

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    • J
      There was no other recording set for that time, and the one set to record directly afterward did record. The one that didn't record is priority 2. Priority 1 is on Sunday night, not Tuesday night. The only 2 shows I record on Tuesday night is NCIS at 8:00 (the one that didn't record) and NCIS Los Angeles at 9:00 (the one that did record). According to the Hopper, I have used only 2% of my recording space. I'll have to consult the manual about recording on the Joey. I didn't know I had to specify one or the other. Thank you!
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      Gosh, It really should've recorded. The joey should record the same way as the hopper. your welcome and I hope you can get this sorted out. =)
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      also, if you have a hopper and just one joey you still have one more tuner not being used so you can record up to three different shows at the same time because there are three tuners built into the Hopper. You really shouldn't have any recording timer conflicts.
    • J
      I'll call DISH tomorrow night and see what I'm doing wrong. I'm also having a problem with OnDemand - it tells me I need to setup my internet connection and yet when I check my settings, it shows the internet as connected. I will be the first to admit I'm technology-challenged! Thanks so much for your help!
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    U could have too many recordings or no time on ur DVR. Also
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      U could have set the timer to switch channels or just a timer. R DVR will auto tune or have a timer. Just simply a mistake. If ur DVR is going out call dish at 1-866-688-3274
    • J
      Thanks for the help!
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      Ur welcome.
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    the hopper/joey automatically records prime time channels.
    if you push the guide and scroll to the right from 7pm -11pm on the local channels, you ll see 'PT' on each show. it records on the hopper w/out setting up timers for those shows. if you set a timer to record the prime time channel, there will be a conflict.
    if you want to disable the primetime channel recording.

    take remote
    push menu
    select settings
    select network
    select prime time
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    you don't have to watch much to use prime time anytime, it also doesn't take up any of your hard drive space unless you save the specific show you were watching, this would eliminate your loss of show. that is strange as all recordings are done on the hopper and just accessed through the joeys
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    It is possible that the episode in question was not a first-run and you have your timer set up for first-run programs. It is also possible that it WAS a first-run but the guide incorrectly displayed it as not. I have only had that happen once (in reverse) when a timer recorded a show from 2005 claiming it to be first-run. In the future if you see the red icon you can check your schedule (open the DVR and then press the red shortcut key and select "daily schedule") once you locate the offending program with the red icon, select it and it will tell you why it is red. You can also choose to restore that particular episode to have it record.